10 Benefits to using Rock Salt

10 Benefits to using Rock Salt

A brief overview of rock salt

Rock Salt, formally known as Halite, is the natural form of Sodium Chloride. It consists of white or colourless isometric crystals which formed more than 200 million years ago through the drying out of enclosed lakes, playas and seas. These vast beds now lie around 400-750m below ground and are mined around the world, most famously in the Himalayas.

Halite is the original sea salt, but it was formed long before plastics had been invented - this means that, unlike most sea salts available commercially, there is no microplastics in Rock Salt.

10 benefits of Rock Salt

  1. It improves digestion - It helps to keep an overall healthy gut, as well as the uptake of minerals and vitamins. It also helps to keep the pH balance in your stomach level, which is especially helpful if you suffer from digestive tract issues.

  2. Boosts metabolism - This is really helpful if you are looking to drop a few pounds or if you would just like to be able to eat that extra slice of cake without it going to your thighs. Boosting your metabolism helps you to burn calories at a higher rate, helping you to do this.

  3. No microplastics - Microplastics from all the plastic debris in our ecosystem has now polluted the entire planet. From the bottom of the ocean, to the top of the alps. All of our food, air, and water is contaminated with microplastics. However, Rock Salts were created before plastics were created.  Hence they are  not polluted with any microplastics.

  4. Boosts immunity - Rock Salt has been proven to improve your immune system. It helps to fight bacteria, keeps balance in your system, and provides it with essential minerals.

  5. It stabilises blood pressure - Most people now have a varying degree of issues with blood pressure. Rock Salt helps to stabilise blood pressure by maintaining a balance between high and low blood pressures.

  6. Promotes healthy skin - We all want to have healthy skin, most of us never want to go back to the awkward teenage years of bad skin. Rock Salt helps to keep your pores and skin healthy, even if you sneak an extra bar of chocolate here or there.

  7. Cancer prevention - Rock Salt improves your circulatory system and in doing so keeps your body well oxygenated. Research has shown that cancer cells struggle to survive with high oxygenated levels.

  8. Help avoiding diabetes - Rock Salt helps the body in keeping a balanced sugar level.

  9. Contains a beneficial number of minerals - Rock Salt contains 84/92 trace minerals required by your body. Chief among these are sodium and calcium. these are necessary to some organs health. As well as this minerals help in the uptake of vitamins also vital for your overal health.

  10. It enhances all food and is very tasty!

Our Rock Salts

Now that you have heard of all the benefits of Rock Salt, why not give some of our products a go.

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