About Rock Salts

Rock Salt, formally known as Halite, is the natural form of Sodium Chloride.  It consists of white or colourless isometric crystals which formed more than 200 million years ago through the drying out of enclosed lakes, playas and seas.  These vast beds now lie around 400-750m below ground and are mined around the world, most famously in the Himalayas.

Halite is the original sea salt, but it was formed long before plastics had been invented - this means that, unlike most sea salts available commercially, there is no microplastics in Rock Salt (please see this article)

Humans require Sodium intake as part of a balanced diet and the daily recommendation is to consume between 3 and 5g of salt either included in the cooking process or used as a condiment to enhance the natural flavours of food.

Use the Flavour Infused Rock Salts to enhance the taste experience of your cooking  - it is possible to use the salts as a rub on your vegetables, fish or meat, or simply include them in your normal dishes or to help flavour salads, vegetables, stews, casseroles and stir fries.

Rock Salt is the original preservative and provided our products are stored in a dry environment they will last for at least two years.  It is recommended to keep the Rock Salt in the grinding jar it is delivered in.

All of the Flavourmagic products are vegan-friendly with the exception of the Thai Rock Salt which contains crustaceans.