Himalayan Rock Salt-Infused rock salt-flavourmagic
Himalayan Rock Salt-Infused rock salt-flavourmagic

Himalayan Rock Salt

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Description: Himalayan rock salt, rich in trace elements and minerals, sourced from deep underground seams of salt deposits in the foothills of the Himalayan mountain region. Protected from pollutants and impurities by nature, this non-iodised Himalayan salt was created as ancient seas evaporated during the formation of the Himalayas some 240 million years ago This wonderfully blush coloured Himalayan salt remains unrefined, untreated and free from additives.

Suitable for use in every day cooking, this Himalayan salt’s distinctive rose pink colour is a result of the high mineral content.


Suitable for VEGANS

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Customer Reviews

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Adrian Rey

Salt is very nice.good taste to it.

Sophie Clarke
Return order

I’ve been ordering this salt for maybe four years now. It’s the only one I buy - it tastes amazing and is great in cooking, you don’t lose the flavour the way you do with store bought salt, even if it’s Himalayan. Can’t say enough good things about it except I’d love to be able to order a refill pot rather than individual grinders so there is less waste.

Geoffrey Pursglove
Great taste

I have had these flavourmagic salts before, as a present, and liked them so much I bought some more!
I like the big granules of salt, unfortunately they are so big I am finding it almost impossible to turn the grinder. (I didn't have this problem with any of the previous ones). I am going to try some pliers or something. 4 star, but otherwise I would have said 5 star.
Good product.